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MotaMeet is a fun and easy way to meet new people with the same interests as you! It’s the dating or friend-making app you’ve been waiting for — with just a few taps on your smartphone or tablet, MotaMeet connects you with others based on your interests and hobbies. Simply create an account, select your interests (Motas) and MotaMeet will instantly find people based on your profile that you can start chatting with. Utilize filters to narrow or expand your audience to make finding friends and dating easier than ever before.

How It works

With a few taps you'll be chatting instantly with plenty of things to talk about! Before the messaging begins, you already know what your shared interests are. With MotaMeet finding others who like what you like has never been more fun.


Make Meaningful Connections

Whether you're wanting to jump back into the dating scene, searching for a running or hiking buddy, or simply looking for a friend that is just as passionate about a certain thing as you are, MotaMeet helps you make meaningful connections. With hundreds of unique categories and Motas to choose from, you’re sure to connect with others that have the same hobbies, interests, and intentions. MotaMeet is the first app of its kind that uses this unique interest-influenced algorithm to make friend-making and dating easier than ever before. Simply pick your passion and find your people.

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